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Our Saturdays & Sundays are affected true to the motto – mutual respect -We know exactly what working in a hotel or in a travel agency means.It is pure hard work.That is the reason why we think giving you a wonderful retreat is more than appropriate.And having 50% discount on the whole menu seems to be the perfect treat after a hard day at work.Take a break from work and enjoy your Monday nights with your friends and colleagues.

Details coming soon.

The Estrellas Skyline Lounge opens its doors to all the ladies. Take your main chicks and bottle of stories under the skies as you celebrate a night full of charm!Ladies get two drinks and free shisha!Wednesdays are for you to flaunt your femininity!

Can you imagine there is something better than the combination of ice-cold beer and fresh curry?Every Thursday we build up a place where our homesick friends can have the sense of native soil and where curious people can get to know India and it’s magical culture.The “Glassy Junction”.

Imagine you open your eyes, prick up your ears, feel the atmosphere and your mind senses a leap in time.It could be a Déjà-vu or a totally new experience for you.The Estrellas Skyline Lounge has the nostalgic idea of setting up an Indian Retro Night on Fridays.Turn back the hands of time!